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Bandit Alumni

We take great pride in our close-knit Bandit's program and we do our best to stay in touch and up-to-date with our alumni players and their families. Below is a list of Bandit players that have extended their lacrosse career into the collegiate level. We couldn't be more proud!


Lady Bandit Alumni

2019 HS Graduates with Verbal Commitment:

Hannah Corwin- Ohio State University 

Addie Pastor- Kent State

Maddie Vliek- Madonna University


2018 HS Graduates:

Reilly Noble- Davenport


2017 HS Graduates :

Aaliyah Miller- Davenport

Clare Feneley- Northern Michigan University


2016 HS Graduates:

Marah Ranger- Albion


Boy's Bandit Alumni

2018 Graduating Seniors:

Krew Conroy: Lander 

Michael Kessler: Indiana Tech

Sam Puzevic: Albion 




2018 Graduating Seniors:

Jake Fales - Kalamazoo College

Tim Gearing- Alma College

Jerry Haadsma - Albion College

Gavin Leach - Lynn University

Ryan Mickelson - Clark University

Stephen Ochsenkehl- Davenport University

Joey Tatar: Albion College



2017 Graduating Seniors:

Brenner Beck- Concordia

Brady Doroh - Albion

Brady Lawrence - Albion

Mikey VanVleet- Concordia

Tyler Vliek - Albion

Devin Wolever – Concordia

Joey Leone - Western Michigan University


2016 HS Graduates:

Mitchell Carpentar - WMU

Justin Gearig - Trine


2015 HS Graduates:

Matt Chen - Albion

Tyler Demars - WMU

Aaron Eshleman - MSU

Zach Kinney - Albion

Jacob Lamb - Alma

Jack Levy - WMU

Paul Lewis - Albion

Alex McDonnell - K College

Max Quertermus - MSU

Chace Quezada - WMU


2014 HS Graduates:
Chris Acton - Sienna Heights

Bryce Bohrmann - Alma

Jesse Coppess - Cornell College

Evan Howard - WMU

Matt Lowes - Albion

Jarred Puzevic - WMU

Scott Roeder - Purdue