Bandits Academy

The Bandit's Academy is an excellent opportunity for players to sharpen position specific skills in small group settings throughout the fall and winter seasons. The Academy is exclusive to Bandit players and is run by Bandit coaches who design a comprehensive seven week program to maximize your players advancement as a lacrosse player. 

Bandit Academies are held at Kingdom Indoor Center in Portage. Each academy has a player max capacity to ensure that all participants have the opportunity to receive one on one instruction as well as multiple repetitions.



Whether it is faking the goalie out of his shorts or hitting that room and time shot that terrifies the entire opposing defense, all things shooting will be covered in the Bandits Sniper Academy. Station work with as many shots as we can cram into one hour, shooters will leave more accurate and fundamentally sound shooters.


With Offensive Wizardry Academy, Bandit players learn how to take over a game as a dodger as well as the ins and outs of off ball movement. Even the best shooters can be neutralized if they cannot free themselves from defenders. Become the player with the ball in their stick in the closing seconds of the game.


A balance between strong footwork and surgeon-like precise stick check is an offensive players nightmare. Highlighting skills such as foot speed, clearing outlets, and takeaway checks, the Defensive Juggernaut Academy gives you the tools to lock down the oppositions biggest threat.


Become the goalie that can take over a game and give opposing shooter fits. Skills ranging from fundamental footwork and hand movements to one-on-one saves and precision clearing. Tons of reps and small group coaching makes the Showstopper Academy a no-brainer for all Bandit goalies.

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